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Appreciation from Better Hearing Australia

Better Hearing Australia Central Coast (BHACC) incorporated committee, a non for profit organisation, has made a presentation of a Certificate of appreciation to the Central Coast Day Hospital in response to exceptional care and consideration given to Mrs Munday, a member of the society, who is profoundly deaf.

BHACC’s letter to Central Coast Day Hospital said :

Mrs Jocye Munday explained to the office receptionist who telephoned to advise the time she needed to report to the hospital that she was deaf and would the lass give the details to her husband. Mrs Munday asked that when people were speaking to her would they face her directly on the same level, speak slowly and clearly without exaggerating or shouting. This would assist her greatly as she can lip read quite well.

To Mrs Munday’s surprise everyone who spoke to her followed these simple directions including the receptionist, nurses, anaesthetists and surgeons. She was extremely delighted her visit trouble free as she easily understood what was required of her and this had been the best time I ever spent in Hospital.”

The Certificate was received by Nurses Bev Bailey, RN and Anne Walker, RN who were her nurses during her stay. All three were delighted to see each other.

BHACC wishes to thank the hospital for their united effort in ensuring that Mrs Munday’s deafness needs were addressed so readily.

CCDH Deaf Society Certificate

CCDH Deaf Society Certificate Photo