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Chatswood Private Hospital helps the Solomon Islands

A number of Chatswood Private Hospital’s community, including Kerrie Legg, Hospital Director and RN, Louise Fowler RN, Dr Christine Younan, Dr Vivek Pandya and A/Prof. Geoffrey Painter, have been involved in providing Ophthalmic care for the people of the Solomon Islands for many years.  This association started in 1996 and over the next 16 years, 18 eye care visits were made. This assistance still continues today with equipment donations and treatment for patients in Australia, who would otherwise lose their sight due to lack of facilities in their home country.

Chatswood Private Hospital was pleased to recently be able to help a young girl, Gloria Poloso, who had blinding diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy is one of the greatest eye care problems in the Solomon Islands and leads to irreversible blindness if not treated effectively. With support from the Solomon Island’s Government and assistance from the Solomon Foundation (a charitable organisation, established to provide free medical treatment to Solomon Islanders), Gloria was brought to Australia. Once here, she initially received pre-operative laser treatment which was followed by sight saving surgery at CPH, provided pro-bono by Dr. Pandya and his anaesthetist Dr. Symons, with the assistance of Chatswood Private Hospital.

The surgery was a great success and has improved and stabilised her vision. Whilst in Australia, Gloria also attended the Diabetes Centre at the Garvan Institute and has learnt lots of practical things that she can do to manage her condition better and after genetic testing, was even able to be taken off Insulin. Gloria plans to share much of this new found knowledge and education with other diabetes patients, when she returns to her home in Honiara. Chatswood Private Hospital was proud to be able to help Gloria on her road to recovery and to support the wonderful charity work of the Solomon Foundation.