Unit 1, 38B Albert Avenue, Chatswood NSW 2067

Epping Surgery Centre, Cutting Edge Technology

Epping Surgery Centre (ESC) is committed to continually research and obtain the latest in cutting edge technology that the Ophthalmic industry has to offer. Following a successful trial, ESC has purchased the new Lumera 700 Zeiss ceiling-mounted microscopes with CALLISTO technology.

Zeiss microscopes are the gold-standard for ophthalmic surgery and replaced our existing Zeiss microscopes. The improved optics, light source and images provided by the new microscopes further assist our surgeons with their surgical procedures. To compliment this, the CALLISTO technology facilitates intra-operative alignment of intraocular lenses. The assistance functions are injected directly into the eyepiece of the Zeiss surgical microscope, providing improved ergonomics and accuracy. In addition, the CALLISTO is equipped with automated eye tracking, ensuring that the position of the superimposed assistance functions is properly positioned on the eye.

Together, these new technologies provide an enhanced surgical experience for both surgeon and patient.