Unit 1, 38B Albert Avenue, Chatswood NSW 2067

Successful Epping and Chatswood Private Hospital Education Seminar

Epping Surgery Centre in combination with Chatswood Private Hospital has once again hosted its annual Jul-EYE education seminar. Coinciding with RANZCO’S Jul-EYE Awareness Month, the event invited GPs across the Epping and Chatswood area for an evening of learning the latest developments in the field of Ophthalmic and ENT surgery. A total of 11 GPs attended the event, along with 5 presenters and 5 staff member for a total of 21 attendees.

GPs were treated to a 3 course dinner provided at the Epping Club. During their meal, Ophthalmologists and ENT surgeons from Epping Surgery Centre and Chatswood Private Hospital provided education presentations on topics including: Diabetic eye disease, red reflex and strabismus in children, new cataract developments, macular degeneration, and vertigo syndromes.

Attendees were enthusiastic about the event, with everyone giving glowing feedback for the interesting presentations and educational content. Attendees were left with a great deal of knowledge about both the hospitals and the future of Ophthalmic and ENT surgery.

The event is hosted to support RANZCO’s Jul-EYE Awareness Month. RANZCO and the Eye Surgeon’s Foundation use the month to both spread awareness of eye diseases, as well as initiate fundraising efforts to fund research into ending blindness in the world. Find out more about Jul-EYE and how to donate here.

Speakers & Topics: